The Middle School Choir took a trip through the Silver Screen at their Spring Concert.

Middle School Spring Choir Concerts Present Songs of the Silver Screen

Middle School vocalists from the classes of 2023, 2024 and 2025 took audiences on a journey through familiar songs produced for the silver screen. With an evening choir performance for family and friends and a daytime show for their peers, students traveled with grand openers, silly operettas, ballads of love, mysteries of life, rebellious nature, heartfelt truths and toe-tapping smiles.

The 8th grade choir, with backup from 6th grade vocalists in the balcony, kicked off the show with This Is It, a peppy song from The Looney Tunes. Then the 7th graders on stage continued with a trio of familiar melodies: Sing! from Sesame Street, The Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie and Nicest Kids in Town from Hairspray. A bit of choreography from Middle School History Teacher Ms. Grace Barlow helped student personalities shine through.

As the class of 2024 exited the stage and made way for the 8th graders, Mr. Jason Roberts, the Middle School Choir Director, led the audience in a series of movements that filled Eliot Chapel with the sounds of a rainforest. Guests rubbed their hands together, snapped, and tapped their feet, creating a sonic rainfall inside.

Eighth graders, with the help of their younger classmates, took over with The Bare Necessities from Jungle Book before performing three songs. Singing in the Rain from the eponymous movie, Bein’ Green from The Muppets and Footloose, also from a movie by the same name) rounded out their offering. Footloose also featured fun dance moves choreographed by Ms. Barlow.

Finally, the 7th and 8th graders lifted their voices for two inspirational songs, Into the West from Return of the King and This Is Me from The Greatest Showman. Applause thundered through the chapel at the end of each performance, signaling crowds that thoroughly enjoyed the events.

Mr. Roberts said, “I have seen tremendous growth in our singers in the past 9 years of my tenure at the Middle School, and I can say hands down this was the best spring concert we’ve had in my time here. I am so proud of all our choirs. They sang with strong voices, superb harmonies, and thoughtful musicianship. I’m grateful for their commitment to excellence, and their continued team-like mindset as we explored the musical creative process. There were moments in songs like Bein’ Green, Rainbow Connection, and Into The West that will forever be in my memory because of these kids. As their director, I couldn’t be more proud.”

Congratulations to the Middle School choirs, Mr. Roberts, Ms. Barlow and accompaniest Mr. Nick Beidler for two standing-ovation worthy performances.