Middle School Students Embrace Honor Code

Middle School students gathered in assembly on August 25 to reflect on the meaning and significance of their Honor Code. 8th Grade Student Council representatives Eliana Brook, Joe Condie, Meredith Goldberg and Adam Jasper shared their thoughts on the key values at the core of the honor code.

Joe spoke about trust: “Trust is at the heart of every relationship at this school: teacher to student, coach to player, teammate to teammate, student to student, and so many more. Trust is what allows our MICDS community to thrive. We are so fortunate that we have a school where we communicate with each other to reinforce the significance of our honor code.”

Meredith addressed respect: “Everyone deserves respect. I know we at MICDS are a great community of kind-hearted and thoughtful people. While we sometimes might be busy, stressed out, or thinking about one’s wants and needs, we are people of good character who can live our lives showing respect to those around us.”

Adam talked about responsibility: “Every single student in the Middle School is responsible for following the idea of a community of kindness. I challenge everyone to say or do something kind to someone that you wouldn’t usually say or do something to. Small things make a big difference so let’s start small but aim big.”

And Eliana discussed honor: “Everyone in this community makes such an impact and deserves your honor to change their lives, so we can change the world. Each and every one of us should keep the honor code in mind and honor your teachers, friends, and the MICDS community daily to show how you respect them and think so highly of them, because that is what honor is.”

The assembly was held in preparation for the formal signing of an honor code sign for each grade level, five through eight, which took place on August 26.

Head of Middle School Jen Schuckman concluded the assembly with this thought, “So when you sign your name tomorrow, you are not just committing to those four words, you are committing to our community of kindness, to every classmate and to every adult in this room. You are committing to doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. You are committing to make choices that uphold the honor code, the contract that you will sign. We believe deeply in that commitment, we expect that commitment from each other, and when that commitment is broken, we find our way back to the honor code to own mistakes and to move forward and grow.”