Middle School Students Hear First-Hand Account of Life Under Zimbabwe Government

In order to better understand the American form of government (a republic) and where it lies on the political spectrum (between total government and no government), it is extremely important that the 8th grade students in American Government class to hear first-hand accounts of other countries’ governments from around the world.

This past week, 5th grade social studies teacher, Robyn Williams, gave a moving, heartfelt presentation about what it was like to grow up in Zimbabwe under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe, the only president her country has ever had (38 years and counting.) The students sat in rapt attention as Ms. Williams recounted personal and family stories about living in a country that has been transformed from one of the most successful countries in Africa to a country that now has a formal unemployment rate of 95%, no viable currency of its own and where the potential successors to President Mugabe (93 yrs. old) are jockeying for control of the country. Ms. Williams fielded a number of excellent questions from the students when she finished her presentation.