MICDS Middle Schoolers celebrate Recognition Day.

Middle School Students Honored at Recognition Day

Middle Schoolers gathered in the Mary Eliot Chapel on Friday morning for Recognition Day, an opportunity for outstanding students to be honored for their hard work and commitment this school year. Click here for a full write-up of the ceremony or view the list below of the award recipients!

Department Awards

English Award: Nithya Reddy ’23, Eliza Dorf ’23, Noah Macam ’23 and Alizeh Jawaid ’23

History Award: Nithya Reddy ’23, Austin Stoddard ’23, Varsha Devisetty ’23 and Grant Hylen ’23

Math Award: Phoebe Burgis ’23, Raina Compton ’23, Grayson Marks ’23, Penny Chen ’23 and Samuel Fontana ’23

Science Award: Alice Ma ’23, Owen Limbrick ’23, Noah Macam ’23, Nicole Dai ’23 and Raina Compton ’23

World Languages Awards

French: Ashley Benoist ‘23 and Bea Talbott ‘23

Mandarin: Jason Klutho ’23 and Chelsey Nwamu ’23

Latin: Raina Compton ’23 and Isabel Link ’23

Spanish: Nate Schuckman ’23 and Belle Wood ’23

Donald Alfred Oonk Award

Football: Winston Moore ’23

Basketball: Steve Hall ’23

Squash: Deren Pellegrini ’23

Tennis: Mason Boon ’23

Water Polo: Austin Stoddard ’23

Baseball: Jack Mills ’23

Soccer: Harrison Mandell ’23

Track & Field: Winston Moore ’23

Cross-Country: Peter Grace ’23

Lacrosse: Holt Tipton ’23

Enid Oonk Altvater Award

Field Hockey: Henley Danforth ’23

Basketball: Chelsey Nwamu’23

Soccer: Rachel Keener ’23

Volleyball: Aeryn Jarrell ’23

Water Polo: Livi Thomas ’23

Tennis: Kashish Motwani ’23

Track & Field: Julia Ray ’23

Cross-Country: Julia Ray ’23

Lacrosse: Kendall Curry ’23

Yale Book Award

Grade 5: Ian Zar ’26 and Taylor Nuzum ’26

Grade 6: Yash Malhotra ’25 and Lilly Loeb ’25

Grade 7: Ameer Hajji ’24 and Agatha Curylo ’24

Rutledge Award

Grade 5: Luke Lippert ’26 and Lexie K. ’26

Grade 6: Cass Goldring ’25 and Sya Hervey ’25

Grade 7: Levi Miller ’24 and Laurel Potter ’24

Grade 8: Borna Safar ’23 and Ash Aranha ’23

Other Awards & Recognition

Community Service Award: Nikitha Ada ’23

8th Grade Charity: $232 for The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Class of 2024 Stuco Class Co-Chairs: Devon Catasvis ’24, Abby Gray ’24, Camden Miller ’24, Levi Miller ’24 and Ava Moore ’24

The Eugene W. Harris Chess Award: Arjun Puri ’25

National Geographic Society Geography Bee: Logan Donnelly ’23

MICDS Spelling Bee: Ryan Smith ’24

Stanford Award: Jane Cohen ’23

Amherst Award: Holt Tipton ’23

Jan deGreef Jacobi Award: Tommy Wickersham ’24 and Alana Doherty ’24

James Schenler Wood Award: Mason Bedell ’23 and Nikitha Ada ’23.

The Eliot Award

5th Grade: Kedren Smith ’26 and Chloe Coughlin ’26

6th Grade: Talan Smith ’25 and Caroline Danforth ’25

7th Grade: Camden Miller ’24 and Devon Catsavis ’24

8th Grade: Holt Tipton ’23 and Happy Phatak ’23

Congratulations to all of our award recipients, and indeed to every Middle School student, for their hard work and help in making our MICDS community better this year!