Middle School Talent Show Lets the Good Times Roll

Middle School students RAMped up their talent and brought their best “Laissez les bons temps rouler” vibes for this year’s talent show, “Middle School’s Got Talent: Mardi Gras Edition.”

The Middle School hallways, cafeteria, and Eliot Chapel were adorned with Mardi Gras decorations, including balloons, streamers, student-created masks, and advisory-made mini parade floats to inspire anticipation for this annual event.

Enthusiastic emcees from fifth to eighth grade entertained the audience with Mardi Gras-themed jokes (and even a little well-spoken French!) in between acts. Dancers, musicians, singers, gymnasts, and more wowed the crowd with their levels of artistry in their performances. Students also had the opportunity to watch a special video performance of the “Masked Dancer,” where several Middle School faculty danced in masks and costumes. Each advisory submitted votes to guess who the teachers were behind the mask.

Check out the performers and their unique talents below:

5th grade

  • Evan Gao ’29 – Piano
  • Fallon Parks ’29 & Katherine Speckhals ’29 – Ancient Greek Olympics Reenactment
  • Noha Bouchellih ’29 – Gymnastics

6th grade

  • Priyasha Munshi ’28 – Singing I’m Still Standing
  • Abby Walsh ’28 – Singing Cups
  • Matilda Willie ’28 – Irish Dancing

7th grade

  • Eleonora Slabun ’27 – Piano
  • Shulynn Ragland ’27 – Violin
  • Ava Cervera ’27 & Maddie Karr ’27 – Dance
  • Christopher Kline ’27 – Vocal & Guitar

8th grade

  • Lainie Zimmer ’26 – Vocal
  • Grant Falk ’26 – Light Saber Performance
  • Layla Gilbert ’26 – Vocal and Guitar
  • Ellie Chen ’26 & Hannah Wang ’26 – Piano Duo

Middle School World Language Teacher & Talent Show Co-Coordinator Anne Williamson remarked, “Every year these Middle School kids impress us with their acts. Dancers, musicians, comedians, magicians, actors—we have seen the best of the best. And we appreciate all of the volunteers who give their time to help backstage and with decorations. Our eighth-grade Student Council members did a particularly great job spearheading the coordination of volunteers and decorations this year. In addition, each grade level contributed something to this year’s shows. For example, the sixth grade created amazing floats in advisory that added to the Mardi Gras spirit on stage. Mrs. Heinemann [Co-Coordinator] and I thank all of the helpers and acts who made the 2022 Talent Shows successful.”

Congratulations to all our performers, and be sure to watch the videos below to admire the array of talent in the Middle School!