Middle Schoolers Elect This Year’s Student Council Chairs

This week, Middle Schoolers got the chance to make their pitch to their classmates to be this year’s Student Council (STUCO) leaders. Students in 5th-8th grade gave their speeches on Tuesday and the student body voted the following day.

Below are the new class chairs for STUCO. Congratulations to our new student leaders!

2018 STUCO Members

5th Grade
Kendren Smith
Bree Goggins
Taylor Nuzum
Narya Phatak

6th Grade
Bennett Baur
Emery Chamberlain
Faris Ahmed
Abhinav Katyal

7th Grade
Devon Catsavis
Ava Moore
Ethan Albin
Cameron McMillian

8th Grade
Happy Phatak
Jane Cohen
CJ Goot
Henry Yuska