Middle Schoolers cheer as their cars race in the Pinewood Derby

Middle Schoolers Race Cars in Pinewood Derby

Middle Schoolers recently tested their car-creations in this year’s STEM Pinewood Derby car race. Students were eager to see whose car would come out on top.

During the preparation, students used the Maker Space to fabricate their cars. Then they weighed the cars and tested them on tracks in the lower level of Danforth. The racing of the final products brought out students to participate in race cuing, finish line judging, category judging and as Student Car Wrangler.

The racing team of Justin Trey ’24 and Levi Miller ’24 was the projected winner before Mrs. Long’s car destroyed the pack.

While this year’s STEM car race was filled with excitement, Bob Shaw hopes to drum up anticipation for an even greater event in the future. “Start designing your cars for next year,” he said.