Middle Schoolers Sign the Honor Code

“I will live by the principles of trust, respect, responsibility and honor as a student at MICDS.”

This is the commitment middle school students and faculty made as they signed the Honor Code on Wednesday and promised to make our middle school community a community of kindness.

Prior to signing, students heard from Head of Middle School Jen Schuckman. “The Honor Code is not just a passing reminder of what we expect but rather a culture that lives and breathes in this middle school each day,” she said. “It is the very essence of what we expect from one another every single day.  If you choose to act against those expectations, then you can expect others from our community to set you straight. You can expect that someone will feel safe enough to call you out.”

The Honor Code will hang in the Middle School hallway for the rest of the year and serves as a reminder to all students and faculty of the promise they made to continue to take care of the school community.