November Nutrition Update

This Month’s #BeatsbyFlik: Jazz/New Orleans

There are few things that connect with one’s passion like food and music. This year, we decided to bring them together in our program, #BeatsbyFlik. Last month’s rock ‘n roll-themed meal was even bigger and better than the last. Students and staff enjoyed dining to some classic rock mixed with modern hits, all while being served a delicious variety of wraps and rolls.

Please join us this month, on Friday, November 18th , for a special Jazz/New Orleans-themed lunch in the dining hall. If you’ve never experienced a meal with smooth jazz playing in the background, you’re in for a memorable experience.

#VegRev: Mushrooms

Our Veggie Revolution program focuses on veggies and introduces recipes and new ways to incorporate seasonal fresh vegetables into our diets. This November, we’re pushing mushrooms into the spotlight
and featuring them in various dishes all month long. Be sure to tell your student to grab a sample, as well as a recipe card, for this month’s tasting of Mushroom Chickpea Gumbo.

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