Ooh La La! French Students Join International Celebration

For the fifth year in a row, Upper School French students joined an international celebration of French cuisine and food culture, the Fête de la gastronomie, or French Food Festival (also known as “Goût de France” or “Taste of France”). It’s always a highlight of the year for students, and one of the ways we try to connect what students are learning in the classroom to the world around them through sensory and festive experiences. This year, our 19 French exchange students were able to celebrate with us!

Throughout the day, French classes gathered to share what they’ve learned about food cultures from all over the Francophone world through posters and other projects. They also sampled desserts they’ve prepared for their classmates. Juries made up of Upper School faculty and staff awarded prizes for best presentation, most audacious dessert, best overall dessert and more.

This year, the festival expanded to become more open to the entire Upper School community, beyond our French classes. On Tuesday, October 15 during Activities, the seniors in the French 500 class will host the first-ever MICDS Course des Serveuses et Garçons de Café, or Waiters’ Race. Besides adding a fun event to the festival, we’re eager for these seniors to take on a leadership role in organizing a community event connected to their learning.