MIST Club Helps Students Overcome Loneliness During the Pandemic

The newly-formed MIST (Mental Illness Support for Teenagers) Club in the Upper School created a newsletter about overcoming loneliness during the pandemic. This is an important topic for teens, and MIST co-leaders, Shelly Bhagat ’22 and Siri Battula ’22, wanted to help fellow students during these uncertain times. They also wanted to share the newsletter with the broader MICDS community, considering that many may benefit from its contents. The newsletter is available here

Bhagat shared, “Our mission has always been to spread awareness of mental health-related issues among teenagers. We think that this is important especially now during this pandemic. With this newsletter, we wanted to spread awareness of loneliness due to social distancing.”

Thank you to the following student contributors: Bhagat, Battula, Emma Scally ’22, Selina Balci ’22, Cate Cody ’22 and Keller Goldstein ’23. Learn more about MIST on their website here.