Parents Association Fall Coffee Gathers Parents Over Zoom

On Friday, our Parents Association (PA) used Zoom to hold their first event of the 2020-21 school year: the PA Fall Coffee. Head of School Jay Rainey delivered a state of the school followed by remarks from Parents Association President Stephanie Kolman. Over 100 parents and guardians gathered for the virtual coffee. If you missed the meeting or would like a summary, here’s a recap:

In the state of the school, Mr. Rainey discussed the current school model for each division. He shared how nearly 100% of Lower Schoolers, about 50% of Middle Schoolers, and 10-15% of Upper Schoolers are attending school on campus thus far. While fitting within the tight constraints demanded by COVID-19, the academic program is doing well. He also explained that we are closely monitoring possible COVID-19 cases, affirming that our current school models result in fewer people quarantined should any positive or possibly positive cases occur. The school is watching other schools and their models to constantly evaluate what works best for our beloved MICDS. Mr. Rainey also explained that the School is striving to find more social-emotional formation opportunities for students. He recognized the extra demands on faculty who are reimagining their lessons and staff who help monitor students in smaller groups in addition to their typical responsibilities. He closed by expressing his gratitude for the important partnership with our MICDS parents and guardians and encouraged families to continue to complete the feedback form to provide input to the school as the year unfolds.

PA President Stephanie Kolman then welcomed fellow parents and guardians to the Parents Association. “All parents, by having a child enrolled at MICDS, are members of the Parents Association,” she said. “The PA is a great way to meet other parents and get involved. If you have time and talents to share, please reach out. Volunteering for our school can still happen, and we are looking for help with new initiatives such as distributing lunches, planning virtual and small events for parents, and supporting our libraries.” Stephanie went on to explain that the easiest way to find information about the PA is through the portal tab for the Parents Association. Parents and guardians can find volunteering opportunities, committee chair and class chair contact information, parent welcoming committee information, and more. She shared that there is a new format for the PA class chair newsletters which will be sent to each grade every other Wednesday. These PA class chair newsletters will cover grade-specific news and PA-sponsored events. Stephanie also encouraged attendees to join the PA Facebook group for reminders, volunteer information, and to communicate with other parents. The PA will also keep families informed of PA events and how they might take place in this new school year. There are also coffees and sessions held by division heads that are posted on the portal calendar which parents are welcome to attend.

Stephanie introduced the PA Executive Board, acknowledged the class chairs and vice-chairs, and recognized the parents involved in committees. She expressed gratitude for all of their work and contributions to the School. She also recognized past PA President Nela Navarrine for her leadership last year along with Head of School Jay Rainey.

“While I can’t say what the future holds for our on-campus events, such as Homecoming, the International Expo, and spring celebrations, I do know that MICDS is a strong and bonded community that will remain connected even though physically distanced. My hope and goal is that each family feels welcomed and included as part of our MICDS family,” she concluded.

Thank you to all of our MICDS parents, guardians, and PA leadership team for partnering so diligently and dedicatedly to our School. We are excited for the year ahead with you and your families!