Peer to Peer Mentor Program Continues to Help Students Thrive

The Peer to Peer Mentor Program continues to help students in Middle and Upper School alike. The mission of the program is for Upper School student mentors to share knowledge with Middle School students so their younger classmates are equipped to have healthy relationships and make healthy decisions while at MICDS and beyond. In turn, the program has provided tremendous leadership and growth opportunities for the Upper School mentors themselves. There are six sessions throughout the year, covering a variety of topics such as healthy relationships, communication styles, technology and social media, stress and anxiety and healthy decision-making.

Recently, the Upper School mentors met with 7th and 8th graders to discuss healthy decisions with regards to drugs, alcohol and relationships. They also discussed communication styles and how that can impact relationships.

Mia Krieger ’24 said, “I have been really pleased with Peer to Peer so far, and I had fun over the past year and a half of it. I think that it connects Middle Schoolers to the Upper School, and gives opinions and perspective on activities. A benefit is that the mentors are very willing to teach us, and get to know us. They really care, and want to help us improve and make our futures easier.”