Upper and Middle School Students Tackle Tricky Social Situations At Peer to Peer Program

In a cross-divisional initiative called Peer to Peer (or P2P), student mentors from the Upper School joined 7th graders this week to lead breakout sessions for their younger classmates. Upper Schoolers gave the Middle Schoolers tips and information on dealing with tricky social situations that may happen amongst their peers.

With 7th graders split into their advisories, Upper School mentors led discussions on healthy and unhealthy communications styles and asked the Middle Schoolers to give their thoughts on how to define and identify those behaviors. The students then were asked to write “I” statements in small groups to practice communicating their feelings in a healthy and productive way.

In only 25 minutes, the activity laid the groundwork for promoting healthy relationships between classmates as well as giving the students things to watch for when communicating with one another.

This was the 3rd installment of the P2P program with three more remaining for the year. The mission and vision of the program aims to share knowledge between divisions that will ultimately result in healthier and happier students in the Upper School. The program is designed so that students will be equipped with the skills to make appropriate decisions and reach out for support when needed.