RamNation Seniors Honored at Athletic Awards Night

The Athletic Department hosted the annual Senior Athletic Awards Night on Sunday. This ceremony honored all seniors that have earned five or more varsity letters during their MICDS athletic careers.

When asked about the awards, Athletic Director Josh Smith said, “This award is more than just a plaque. It is an indicator of a student athlete’s commitment and perseverance. It is a reminder of their passion for sports. It honors the hundreds of hours of practice and the successes and lessons learned at competitions through the years. It is a memento of the Ram family that they will always be a part of. Most importantly, it is something I hope they can look at years from now and know that MICDS is proud to call them a Ram.”

At the ceremony, Smith announced that there are 41 members of the Class of 2019 who qualified for the award, for a total of 275 varsity letters. He said, “Think about how much time that is? Truly the blood, sweat, and tears that pace our teams.” He thanked the students and their parents, “Tonight is a night where our athletic department can say thank you as we recognize some special student-athletes. Your passion and commitment are a major reason why athletics at our school are known throughout the area, and tonight is a chance for us to acknowledge that.”

The seniors that were recognized are listed below, along with the sports they played and the number of years played in parentheses.

Julia Amato Tennis (2) Squash (3) Track and Field (1)
Arpan Anand Football (3) Wrestling (1) Lacrosse (2)
Gus Arnold Soccer (1) Wrestling (1) Lacrosse (3)
Kiki Arnold Field Hockey (3) Lacrosse (4)
Jane Baur Cross Country (3) Swimming and Diving (1) Track and Field (3)
Kyle Brandtjen Football (2) Soccer (1) Lacrosse (2)
Jack Brooks Basketball (2) Baseball (3)
Graham Bundy Football (3) Lacrosse (4)
Henry Carpenter Football (3) Lacrosse (4)
Jimmy Chalfant Football (3) Lacrosse (2)
Ross Danforth Ice Hockey (4) Lacrosse (1)
Jeff Desloge Basketball (2) Golf (4)
General Dorsey Football (1) Basketball (3) Track and Field (3)
Nico Feldman Football (2) Lacrosse (4)
Jhordin Galmore Cross Country (3) Track and Field (4)
Bergen Goede Cross Country (3) Track and Field (4)
Sam Hanser Football (2) Golf (4)
Jonas Hart Ice Hockey (4) Track and Field (4)
Krysten Holmes Cross Country (2) Basketball (3) Track and Field (4)
Lauren Hunt Cross Country (4) Track and Field (3)
Ivy Pease Basketball (3) Track and Field (2)
Ana Larsen Cross Country (4) Track and Field (4)
Grace Lee Cross Country (4) Swimming and Diving (4) Track and Field (4)
Arden Lilly Field Hockey (3) Lacrosse (3)
Michael Long Football (2) Basketball (4)
Tommaso Maiocco Football (3) Ice Hockey (4) Track and Field (1) Lacrosse (1)
Caleigh McClain Tennis (4) Swimming and Diving (1) Soccer (1)
Luke McCollough Soccer (4) Track and Field (1)
Sarah Niesen Cross Country (3) Track and Field (4)
Finn Polk Ice Hockey (4) Lacrosse (2)
Olivia Proctor Basketball (1) Lacrosse (4)
Tyler Purdy Football (3) Basketball (2) Track and Field (2)
Zuri Reid Cross Country (4) Basketball (2 as manager) Track and Field (4)
Katherine Rianhard Field Hockey (3) Lacrosse (3)
Chris Shannon Swimming (3) Water Polo (4)
Elsa Sjogren Cross Country (4) Track and Field (4)
Megan Smith Volleyball (2) Basketball (2) Soccer (1)
Charlie Southern Cheerleading (5)
Kate Trowbridge Volleyball (4) Swimming and Diving (4) Track and Field (4)
Kellen von Hoven Wrestling (4) Cycling (3)
Anna Grace Yuska Cross Country (4) Track and Field (4)