Robotics Club Members Teach St. Louis Area Girls about Building Robots

Three Rampunzel Robotics Club members presented at a STEAM event at Saint Louis University (SLU) this Wednesday. Tisha Mandal ’20, Asha Dundoo ’20 and Danielle Kain ’21 all attended the event and taught small groups of girls how to build basic robot parts.

“For me, the SLU STEAM event was really exciting,” said Mandal, who admitted the difficulty of planning a 40-minute lesson for 7th graders.

“It was difficult trying to gauge how long the activity would take and whether or not we had enough material to keep them engaged, but we ended up managing our time really well. It was really cool watching the girls figure out how to piece together their mini-robots on their own.”

The event hosted 500 7th grade girls from the Greater St. Louis Area to encourage girls who are interested in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM).