Rams Step Up To Lead

Several weeks ago, Upper School students were invited to run for leadership positions next year. This year’s student leaders created an informational video that explained each role and its responsibilities.

Candidates submitted their speeches via video, explaining why they want to serve their peers as a student leader. After review by faculty sponsors and deans, the videos were shared with the student body several days before the election. Students then cast their votes, first for Student Government during and then for grade-level Student Council and Honor Council. Check out a few of the candidate videos below.

Erica Moore, Director of Faculty Equity & Inclusion and Director of Student Activities, announced the winners:

Student Council Co-Heads: Peyton LaMartina ’22 and Jackson Strelo ’22

Honor Council Co-Heads: Yaw Nketia ’22 and Cecily Taylor ’22

Athletics Council Co-Heads: Zaire Harrell ’22 and Reagan Andrew ’22

Activities Committee Co-Heads: Ava Moore ’24 and Hala Nazzal ’24

Arts Council Co-Heads: Visual – Annie Danforth ’22 and Hailey Kim ’22; Performing – Peter Grace ’23 and Harper Graves ’22

Community Service Co-Heads:  Nikitha Ada ’23 and Noah Kleinlehrer ’22

Class President Class of 2022: Andrew Kuznetsov ’22

Class President Class of 2023: Skye Patton ’23

Class President Class of 2024: Camden-Sinclair Miller ’24

Student Council Grade Representatives:

  • Aariz Ahmad ’22
  • Jackson Chu ’23 and Happy Phatak ’23
  • Devon Catsavis ’24 and Cameron McMillan ’24

Honor Council Grade Representatives:

  • Mark Mintzlaff ’22
  • Jane Cohen ’23 and Holt Tipton ’23
  • Ella Brauer ’24 and Samruddh Singh ’24

Congratulations to all who were elected to office for the 2021-22 school year, and thank you for serving your classmates and your School!

Peyton LaMartina ’22, Student Council Co-Head

Jackson Strelo ’22, Student Council Co-Head

Camden-Sinclair Miller ’24, 2024 Class President