Red Tubes Ready To Welcome New Students

Admission decisions for the 2023-2024 school year are coming up, and current students are doing their part to welcome new classmates. The MICDS Admission Team rallies a group of student volunteers to stuff the signature MICDS “Red Tubes,” the arrival of which in a mailbox serves as the official kickoff to admission acceptance season.

The tubes are loaded with MICDS goodies, including stickers, pom poms, necklaces, and noisemakers. Accepted students also receive a letter welcoming them to the MICDS community.

Several Upper School students led an enthusiastic group of eighth-grade volunteers to get the tubes stuffed and labeled in no time. Head of School Jay Rainey even stopped by to help pack a few. Perhaps what may not be obvious to the casual viewer is that besides the goodies, each tube is packed with school pride and love of MICDS.

Here is what some of our volunteers had to say:

Virginia Portell ’24 said, « I really love going to MICDS and I just want everyone to be excited about coming here. I want them all to anticipate that and make the decision to come here. »

Grace Maher ’27 said, « I’m doing this because I felt very welcomed when I received one of these this past year and I would like to make other people feel welcomed. »

Ananya Ravikumar ’27 said « When I got my tube my favorite part of it was the little green cowbell. »

Nathan Kura ’27 said, « I really liked my red tube because there’s a lot of fun little things in there that I could play with. Stuffing them, I feel like a lot of people are going to be happy receiving these. »

Kevin Ghobadi ’27 said, « I was excited about the red tube because when I got it, it felt like a really nice, warm welcome to the school and I think it’s a great thing to have other kids receive that same welcome. »

Zoya Ansari ’27 said, « I was so excited when I first received my red package. »

Jude Taher ’27 said, « When I received my red package, I was really happy and really excited. »

Isha Bogachenchu ’27 said, « I was very happy when I got my red tube. »

Suchitra Thapa ’27 said, « When I got my red tube, I felt really happy. »

Saige Rainwater ’27 said, « When I first got my red tube, I felt this really overwhelming sense of welcomeness, and it made me really excited to come to this school. »

Michal Kenigsberg ’27 said, « When I got my red tube, I felt extremely welcome, and I felt special and recognized. »

Maahi Saini ’27 said, « When I got the red tube, I felt really excited to come to this school. I thought it was going to be super fun. The thoughtfulness of the gift made me think, ‘Oh, this school is going to be really welcoming and caring.’ So I was really looking forward to it. »

We are thrilled to welcome new students and their families to our community with this fun tradition in the coming weeks!