School’s Out for Summer!

School’s out for summer! After an incredible 2023-24 school year, we celebrated the final day of school today for our Junior Kindergarten through 12th-grade students. Check out how the academic year was wrapped up, from guacamole contests to snow cones!

Lower School

In the Lower School, Beasley teachers danced the morning away as a surprise at the final assembly of the school year. Then, everyone attended the fourth-grade play. Later, each Lower School class enjoyed surprise snow cones from the Kona Ice truck on the playground. Of course, students got in some quality playground time as they solicited signatures to their yearbooks from fellow students, teachers, and staff.

Middle School

The Middle School celebrated the end of the school year in a number of fun ways. Both seventh and eighth graders were active during their own respective field days during the last two days of school. The eighth graders had a special breakfast in the Upper School on the final day, where they got to eat in their future dining hall. Seventh graders also took on a dodgeball tournament championship and all Middle School Rams participated in an Advisory Challenge. Then, there was plenty of time for fifth through eighth graders to sign yearbooks in the courtyard, in the hallways, in classrooms, and throughout campus.

Upper School

In the Upper School, the day was filled with yearbook signings, chalk-created alfombras (rugs), and even a guacamole contest! Upper School Spanish Teacher señora Robin Begley had Spanish 450 students create guacamole from scratch in pairs/partners. They had to bring all of the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils that would be needed to prepare this favorite dip. Additionally, they decorated tables for the contest. Once their guacamole was ready, judges walked around tasting the dishes with chips while students explained their creative process for making it. Congratulations to our guacamole winners! Beyond the contest, the day was full of reflection, heartfelt yearbook messages, hugs, and cheer for the summer.

A very happy last day to all of our Rams from the 2023-24 school year! It’s official—school’s out for summer! ☀️