Science is Fun and Interactive in Junior Kindergarten

Junior kindergarteners have enjoyed a variety of science treats this week. They were treated to a magic show courtesy of their 3rd grade classmates who wielded some handy magnets, and they explored a cave right in their science classroom.

Third grade scientists have been studying the properties of magnets and created a magic show to demonstrate what they’ve learned. Top hats, magic wands, paperclips and, of course, those magical magnets meant fun for everyone!

Junior kindergarteners then explored the mysteries of caves. Lower School Science Teacher Christy Moore started the conversation by asking what the students already know about caves. “They’re dark!” said one JKer. “There are icicles hanging inside!” said another. Ms. Moore then explained that they were going to spend some time in the science room cave, a large black bag blown up with an air pump. “We’ll take some flashlights. How does that sound?” she said. The students cheered and followed her right into the cave, where they sat in a circle. JK Teaching Associate Mr. Berkbigler joined them in the cave and used a flashlight to illuminate a book that Ms. Moore read to the students, so they could learn that those icicles are really called stalactites.

What fun ways to introduce our youngest learners to new science lessons!