Sending Off Our Beasley Friends

While we didn’t get to celebrate the end of the school year and especially our 4th graders finishing their time at Beasley as we normally do, we worked hard to make this milestone as fun as possible. Check out the photo gallery of our Lower School drive-through below!

Here’s a note from Head of Lower School Amy Scheer:

As we head off into summer, I invite you to join me in congratulating our 4th graders on a job well done! Our wonderful students welcomed new classmates and a new homeroom teacher to MICDS this year, supported all of our Beasley students by taking on a leadership role as the oldest members of our Lower School, and successfully ended their 4th grade year in distance learning. 

The Class of 2028 is kind and encouraging, funny and resilient. They wowed us with their creativity and their willingness to provide a window into their homes as we connected with them in their last two months of 4th grade. While I know that they are moving on to our Middle School, they will only be a very short distance away and will hopefully return to the hallways of Lower School to share their wisdom and their many talents with our Beasley students. 

I have enjoyed many moments with these students over the course of this school year. My time in their classrooms as well as when visiting them in a virtual space provided an opportunity to see their encouragement of each other, their sense of humor, and their excitement at being the oldest members of our Lower School. They gave back to their community by reading to the younger students, acting as leaders and role models in our Beasley assemblies, and teaching us important lessons in the skits they designed through the Leadership Crew. In every situation I can recall from this year, their personalities shined through. They shared with us their individual strengths, and I’m looking forward to learning of the many collective accomplishments of this class as they continue to welcome new members to the Class of 2028 and look back fondly on their time in Beasley. 

So please join me in congratulating the Class of 2028 as they leave us for Middle School, and I invite you to take a moment to review their poems in this link (photo below is also linked) to celebrate examples of their writing.

We sent all our Lower School friends off for the year with a drive-through parade on Thursday. Teachers were able to cheer and wave to their Beasley friends for one last time this academic year, which was a nice break from seeing them only on screens.

Congratulations, 4th graders! We wish you and the rest of the Lower School community a relaxing, happy summer!