Witch reader

Senior Kindergarteners Visited by a Mysterious Reader

At the beginning of each school year in Senior Kindergarten, the call is put out to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings to sign up to be a mystery reader for the class. The mystery reader for each week sends the teachers their mystery reader clues in preparation for the visit, and the teacher, in turn, reads these clues to students so they can try to guess who the mystery reader is. Each Friday, the mystery reader is revealed and they then read a story or two to the class.

This past Friday, the mystery reader was still a mystery while he read “Miss Nelson is Missing!” dressed as the book’s main character, Miss Viola Swamp. The students listened intently as the mystery reader read the story in full costume and character, mimicking the voice of the mean, raspy, substitute teacher – Miss Swamp.

At the end of the story, the Senior Kindergarteners were given the chance to guess who the mystery reader was before he revealed himself. To the surprise of the students, Doug, the father of Brooke ’31, pulled off his mask – a reader that no students had expected. Brooke ran up for a hug and the students cheered for this week’s very mysterious mystery reader!