Seniors Race Across Polk Pond in Advisory-Built Boats

For the annual Senior Boat Race, each senior advisory constructed a boat out of common materials, such as cardboard, duct tape and paint. The competition – and the first chance to check sea-worthiness – started with four heats, where each advisory’s boat and paddler(s) raced against three others across the pond. The top finishers – four advisories in total – then competed in the final race. Some boats tipped almost immediately, while others made it halfway across the pond before succumbing. Cheers and laughter filled the air as students encouraged their rowers. Some Middle Schoolers were able to join the fans, catching a glimpse of what awaits them in the Upper School.

Dr. Grabarek’s advisory came out on top, winning the coveted first place title – and very illustrious trophy – in this year’s Senior Boat Race. After the race, as per tradition, seniors jumped in and cooled off in Polk Pond.