6th Graders cut back honeysuckle for honeysuckle abatement day

Sixth Grade Celebrates Honeysuckle Abatement Day

As part of a science lesson on invasive species, 6th graders learned about honeysuckle brush and witnessed its invasiveness first-hand along the campus creek. Their lesson was followed by training for Honeysuckle Abatement Day. Students were taught how to remove the plant using loppers, saws and the appropriate safety equipment.

When the day arrived, students ventured down to the creek on campus and cut the tall honeysuckle brush off at ground level, so that its shadow would no longer prevent other plants from growing. “Fall is a great time to battle honeysuckle,” said Eleanor Vest ’24. “We’re cutting the honeysuckle down so it, hopefully, doesn’t grow as much and there’s more room for native species of Missouri.”