Sixth Graders at Hawn State Park

Sixth Graders Venture to Hawn State Park

Imagine the chance to plan your very own camping trip with your classmates. Where would you go? What would you pack? What activities would you do? Sixth graders at MICDS got to think through all of these questions as they planned their overnight camping trip at Hawn State Park, which took place Tuesday, May 22nd to Wednesday, May 23rd.

Students learned a lot as they took on all of the responsibilities of planning this end of the year trip. From planning and cooking the meals to organizing the many outdoor activities, they directed and shaped the entire experience. They even planned the layout of the campgrounds and how the tents were organized.

Within their plans, they filled the overnight venture with exciting activities! Students hiked along Pickle Springs Creek, played capture the flag and wiffle ball, had a bonfire, ate s’mores and slept in tents. Beyond the planned activities, they found that some of their favorite moments were more spontaneous activities in the outdoor setting. Many departed from the trip fired up to enjoy more outdoor adventures, both planned and those that could simply be created in the moment.

What a bonding experience to end the sixth grade year!