STEMco Showcases Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Opportunities

Want to learn to code, build a robot, dissect an octopus, or perform a titration? If so, there’s a group or two for you to be a part of at MICDS—and how to learn all about it can be answered by the newly-founded STEM Council (STEMco).

Upper Schoolers Nigina Aripova ’22 and Aishani Chakraborty ’22 launched the STEMco this school year! According to their website, “STEMco is a branch that promotes, encourages, and unifies STEM organizations and opportunities. In other words, we work to bring together all that our abbreviation stands for. By strengthening the connections between science, technology, engineering, and math through activities and organizations, a more unified STEM community within MICDS will be established.” Essentially, STEMco connects students to the many opportunities available for getting involved in STEM clubs, groups, and teams at MICDS.

With a plethora of STEM opportunities to choose from, the STEM Council conducted a STEM Showcase on Tuesday during Activities Period. Much like the virtual Activities & Community Service Fair at the beginning of the school year, students were invited to Zoom in and out of informational sessions on the various clubs, groups, and teams focusing on areas of STEM.

Prior to the STEM-themed Activities Period, some of the STEM groups created videos or informational landing pages on the STEMco website to introduce their organizations to fellow students. Check out some of the STEM videos below or view the video/informational showcase here!

After such a great STEM Showcase, Upper Schoolers have been signing up for the STEM clubs that most sparked their interests. Additionally, Aishani and Nigina organized an informational session for freshmen earlier this year that was also all about STEM opportunities at MICDS.

“Reflecting on this week’s STEM-themed Activities Period, Nigina and I would like to say that we truly appreciate all the co-heads, faculty sponsors, and members of the STEM activities for dedicating the time to putting together their videos and providing us with information about their club or team to put on our website,” shared Aishani. “It was great to see how much fun everyone had while filming, and Nigina and I are so happy that the clubs and teams were able to get some new members. Since this was STEMco’s first large-scale event, we really had no idea how it was going to turn out, but the dedication and hard work of all the STEM Co-heads is what made this event successful. STEMco is excited to keep working with the STEM Co-heads and to keep promoting new opportunities to our MICDS community!”

If you’re ever wanting to know about the latest in STEM activities at MICDS, check out the STEM Council website! Congratulations to Aishani and Nigina for bringing the many Upper School STEM initiatives together, and a big shoutout to the entire STEM Council for launching this year! We can’t wait to see what bubbles up for all of these groups as the school year progresses.