The Strings Ensemble Livestreams an “Open Rehearsal” in Lieu of a Winter Strings Concert

This year’s Strings Winter Concert, directed by Strings Instructors Mr. David Doherty and Mrs. Erin Hammill, was held as a livestream Thursday evening in Brauer Auditorium. Ava Janes ’23, Arts Council Strings Representative, described the event as an “Open Rehearsal” in the invitation, noting that the livestream featured musicians spaced out among the seats in Brauer Auditorium rather than the stage, and some students played over Zoom. The students were spread out within their cohorts, making it the first time the cohorts were able to play together in the same room.

“We would like to thank all the students for staying so positive and motivated to work towards this performance,” said Strings Instructor David Doherty. “We were never sure this was going to happen.”

Download the program here and watch the full concert below!