Student Achievement: Hegeman ’17, Posega Rappleye ’17 Larsen ‘18, Schroeder ’18, Gonzalez_Navarrine ’18, Goldman ’19, Schwartz ’21

Harry Hegeman ’17 attended the St. Louis Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Banquet as one of five finalists for the prestigious Rising Star award.

Francis Posega Rappleye ’17 was awarded an Honorable Mention in The Wednesday Club of Saint Louis’ 2017 Annual Junior Original Poetry Contest for his poem “Hike.” He was one of ten out of the 200 students from area high schools who entered the contest to receive an award.

Tommy Larsen ’18 recently competed at the Fox Teen Talent Competition finals along with 17 other acts. Tommy’s performance on the piano earned him the Berges Classical Music Award. Over 100 acts auditioned for the competition. A recording of the event will be aired Monday, May 22 at 7 p.m. on PBS Channel 9.

Mia Schroeder ’18 and Connie Gonzalez-Navarrine ’18 just completed a successful squash season at the Missouri Athletic Club. Mia and Connie won the MAC’s ladies doubles championship for the second year in a row. Mia also won this year’s mixed doubles championship and Connie became the youngest player to win the MAC ladies singles championship.

If you haven’t seen it already, Jane Goldman ’19 and Ellie Schwartz ’21 can be seen tap dancing in Eliot Chapel as part of the Blues playoff pre-game video montage. To watch the video, click this link to the Blues Facebook page and play the video with the little boy swinging in the gold vest. It’s awesome!