Student-Created MyMICDS Allows You to Ask Alexa

Ever wanted to ask Alexa what day on the six-day MICDS schedule we’re on? Or what’s for lunch in the cafeteria? Well, now you can!

Jack Cai `19, Nick Clifford `20, Michael Gira `19, Alex Donovan `18 and Sebastian Neumann `21 recently developed a website that has since generated much interest among the MICDS Upper and Middle School students. The website,, which was originally coded by Michael, allows students to view their schedule, canvas assignments, track when assignments are completed, see the lunch menu, view the bulletin and monitor progress bar of class time. Then, Nick Clifford recently developed a new Alexa Skill that allows Alexa to pull information from myMICDS when asked. Right now, Alexa can tell you what’s for lunch or what day of the six-day cycle it is. More features coming. Just ask Alexa to download the MyMICDS skill today and help get your day off to a great start.

Since the website was unveiled in a recent assembly, 59 percent of Upper School students have created MyMICDS accounts and 65 percent of Middle School students.