Student Investment Committee Welcomes Guest Speaker

This week, Ed Hinders, Vice President and Senior Plan Consultant at CBIZ, spoke to the MICDS Student Investment Committee. He presented on various career opportunities in financial planning and shared some key takeaways on the importance of knowing your customer well in a customer-driven business. He fielded questions from students on investment approaches, the overall market and diversification of assets within a portfolio.

Committee member Angela Shiang `21 enjoyed learning about the importance of working with customers in the business field. One message that stuck with her was Mr. Hinders’ advice to “always do extra for your customers and make their experience memorable so they come back frequently” and to “know your customers really well” – both principles that can apply to any field. For the financial field, it’s especially important to understand the customer’s financial goals and expectations, while also sharing investment expertise and knowledge to help them reach their goals. Shiang shares, “His lecture was influential to me, and I learned a lot and gained more knowledge about investments.”
The MICDS Student Investment Committee offers Upper School students the opportunity to come together and expand their knowledge of investing and the stock market with a focus on business skills. Students research various companies and present findings to fellow group members. Actual investment decisions will be determined based on student performed research.