Members of the Investment Club

Student Investment Group Presents to Board Committee

Caleb Pultman ’17, Sidd Mehta ’17 and Jacob Platin ’17, Co-Heads of the MICDS Investment Group (MIG), gave an in-depth presentation to the Board of Trustees’ Investment Committee on March 1. MIG is comprised of students who are interested in increasing their financial literacy through an authentic opportunity to make investments and manage a portfolio. The Board’s Investment Committee allocates funds equivalent to less than one-tenth of one-percent of the total endowment for the students to invest and manage. They work with MICDS Director of Finance Leanne Rohr, who serves as their faculty advisor, and Buddy Reisinger ’81 and Chris Lenox ’95, who lead the Student Investment Committee Advisory Board. The students updated the Investment Committee on their current holdings by asset vehicle and by sector and also shared information about their overall portfolio performance.

“I enjoy being part of the MICDS Investment Group because of the amazing and engaged learning and real world experiences in the financial world. My past four years working for the MICDS Investment Group has prepared me for a life of driven career goals and a plethora of financial experience,” says Caleb Pultman.

MIG welcomed nine new members this school year and is structured to give every student responsibilities related to the investment portfolio. In addition to co-heads, students serve as market managers and investment advisors. During their meetings, members receive ongoing education about investing and hear from professionals in the field who offer guidance and career advice.

“I truly enjoy working with such talented students. The dedication they have and the passion they show for this Student Investment Committee facilitates a fun and enthusiastic environment,” says Leanne Rohr. “Those qualities will pay dividends in their future educational and professional careers.”