Anatomy Club

Student Report: Anatomy Club Learns About Comparative Anatomy from SLU’s Dr. Ruth

By Josh Darrish ’21, Student Author and Anatomy Club Co-Head

On Thursday, February 28, the MICDS Anatomy Club hosted Dr. Aidan Ruth from Saint Louis University School of Medicine. A member of the Center for Anatomical Science and Education (CASE), Dr. Ruth specializes in the relationship between ligaments, tendons and other tissue that connects the muscular and skeletal structures in humans and animals. Relating her interests and research to the Anatomy Club’s focus on examining organ and bone placement, development and organization within a species, she discussed the evolutionary progression of bipedal and quadrupedal primates and monkeys. Along with this, she brought up tooth structure in “big cats,” once again connecting anatomy to evolution. Finally, she related these topics to humans, providing insight into the similarities and distinctions between us and other animals.

After examining entire specimens and specific organs, like turtles and sheep brains, the presentation from Dr. Ruth gave necessary insight into why the systems appear and function the way that they do. It was wonderful having Dr. Ruth speak with the club for the afternoon, and we look forward to finding even more opportunities for our members!

Thank you to Josh for coordinating the speaker and writing this recap!