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Student Standouts for November 20

Chen ’19; Kain ’21; Srinivasan ’25; Athletic Successes in the News – Field Hockey, Tennis and Football

Congratulations to this week’s student standouts below. Way to go #RamNation! And as always, if you have a story to share, please email weeklynews@micds.org.

Student Directs Award-Winning Documentary

Fangzhangyi Chen ’19 co-directed an award-winning documentary this summer that earned the Grand Prix at the United For Peace Film Festival in Japan! Her documentary explores the generational gap among the Bulang people, an ethnic minority that dwells in the ancient forest in the Chinese province of Yunnan. It showed the art of storytelling — elders passing on their cultural traditions to the youth. It was also inspired by what Chen learned from an 18-year-old girl she connected with while in the province; the girl was trying to choose between staying in the village and helping the culture or going outside of the village to get an education and a different life.

Chen created the documentary while participating in a filming documentary program through Liuyin Academy. As she learned about the art of creating documentaries, she shared that crafting a documentary is “about how you find the story, how you choose which existing story to tell and [deciding] how you present it.” After two consecutive summers in the documentary program, Fangzhangyi is inspired more than ever to help with another story she noticed: providing education that resonates with the minority province.

Watch the documentary, 森林之子 (Children of Forest), here.

Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Competition

Congratulations to Danielle Kain ’21 for earning 2nd place in the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Competition! This achievement acknowledges her significant contributions to her family, school, community and Boys & Girls Club.

Saint Louis Chess Club Tournament Winner

Congratulations to Adithi Srinivasan ’25 on a recent chess competition win! Adithi participated in the Turkey Tango tournament organized by the Saint Louis Chess Club on Sunday at the Science Center. She won all 4 games in the K-6 open and won a trophy. Darrett Thompson, who coaches the MICDS Middle School Chess Club, says “Adithi is very talented, and also so humble during chess club practice.”

Field Hockey All-Conference Team

Several members of the girls field hockey team were recently named to the Metro League 2018 Field Hockey All-Conference.

Player of the Year: Mia Duchars ’20

First Team: Caroline Carr ’20, Kate Oliver ’22, Lily Baker ’23, Reagan Calcari ’20, Molly Christopher ’20, Arden Lilly ’19, Barbara Ribeiro ’20

Honorable Mention: Skyler Lesslie ’20, Katherine Rianhard ’19, Kiki Arnold ’19


Tennis All-Conference Team

Several members of the girls tennis team were recently named to the Metro League 2018 Girls Tennis All-Conference.

First Team: Caleigh McClain ’19, Journee White ’22,

Second Team: Sydney Cheaney ’19, Meredith Goldberg ’20, Abigail Lee ’19


Football Team Accolades

A recent St. Louis Post Dispatch article recapped the “incredible” and “amazing” Class 4 state quarterfinal victory (34-21) over Hannibal High School. Two touchdowns in the final minute and “out-of-this-world” plays — congrats to our football team! Semifinals, here we come!