Students Host Best Buddies Brunch

Recently, students who participate in the Best Buddies program attended a Valentine’s brunch—a good time had by all!

Best Buddies is an organization that facilitates 1-to-1 friendships between students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and students without, allowing both to learn more about each other and themselves.

„Best Buddies at MICDS means more than just supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It unifies a community bigger than our school. Our partnerships with KEEN St. Louis and Neuwoehner School allow us to build friendships and bridge gaps in our society. The interest and support displayed by the MICDS students has been overwhelming. Our monthly activities have created a group of friends who support each other and build each others’ confidence and self-esteem,“ said Claire Burmeister ’18.

As a friendship chapter, MICDS students create one-on-one friendships to allow for a close individual bond. And events like the Valentine’s brunch help deepen those relationships as part of a group activity.

„Through Best Buddies, I have developed new understandings that will not only help me be a stronger leader in my world today, but abilities that I will carry with me through my entire life. I have become a more caring and understanding person because of the amazing people I have met through this program. Best Buddies fosters confidence and develops leaders who will grow and work to strengthen our community and beyond,“ added Claire.