Middle and Upper School Students Join Together for Latin Field Trip

This Wednesday, students from both the Middle and Upper School went on a field trip chaperoned by Latin Teachers Natalie Griffin and Dr. Gabe Grabarek. The group visited the St. Louis Art Museum to view their wonderful collection of Greek and Roman art as well as Renaissance art with classical themes.

After lunch at Favazza’s Italian Restaurant on the Hill, students took a guided tour of the museum.

„I really enjoyed the vases and jewelry because it was perfectly preserved and displayed,” said Meghan Cannon ’20. “It showcased a strong level of symmetry and artistry.“

„The vivid usage of color created stark contrasts between not only the works themselves but also the time periods they came from,” continued Christian LeNoir ’20.

Zoie Tolson ’24 added, “One of my favorites was the statue of Pan that was found in a fallen Roman building from many years ago. It helped visualize the mythical stories that we recently learned in class, and brought the stories more to life.”

The students also talked about their positive experience of being able to share this trip with classmates from a different division.

„It was a great experience to see these artifacts along with the eighth graders, who were just as curious as I was,” said Arjun Ramakrishnan ’20.

„Not only did we get to see these amazing Roman sculptures that showed how much they believed in their polytheistic religion, but we got the chance to laugh and bond with our classmates while eating,“ said Grace Rollo ’24.