Students hold a field day at North side Community School

Students Organize Field Day at North Side Community School

Upper School students spent a day off from classes to host a field day at North Side Community School on May 6. They set up a variety of games and enjoyed lunch and a perfect sunny day with the students. Great job, Rams!

Participating students were:
Amelia Love, Christine Moser, De’Ja Williams, Delaney Shultz, Dotsy Ruwitch, Ella Halford, Fatima Ali, Grace Kroeger, James Meade, Janey Richert, Jordanne Roy, Katie Buss, Keiondre Jordan, Kierra Graves, Lauryn Hughes, Libby Funkhouser, Lindsey Royce, MaKayla Shaw, Natalie Chayet, Nia Plump, Peggy Rianhard, Rida Qazi, Rose Williams, Sarah Sant, Skyler Halbeck, Sydni Hall, Zoe Mullenix and Zuri Reid