Students Selected for Metro 8 Honor Bands

Students from the Metro 8 District—which includes St. Louis Public Schools, private/independent schools, and Fort Zumwalt and Francis Howell School Districts—prepared music and auditioned for the St. Louis Metro District 8 Middle School Concert Band. Auditions were held at MICDS this year and were blind, which means the judges couldn’t see the students, rather only heard them play.

Please join us in congratulating the following Upper School students on their successful audition experience and placement in the 2021 Metro 8 District Honor Band!

  • Mike Elvin ’23 – Bass Clarinet
  • Nina Hamilton ’22  – Flute
  • Chloe Cheng ’23 – Clarinet

These students will rehearse and perform with an all-star band made up of students from our Metro 8 District in a few weeks. “I’m so proud of our students for working hard and taking on this additional challenge,” said Becky Long, Middle and Upper School Performing Arts Teacher. “The music required for the audition is very challenging. I know that coming back to school full time this year has put so much extra pressure on our students and they could have easily opted out. Instead, they took the challenge head-on and were rewarded for their efforts. I can’t wait to hear them perform with the Metro 8 Honor Band on November 21!”

In addition, we had five Middle School students make the Middle School Honor Band:

  • Joy Chen ’26 – Flute
  • Hannah Wang ’26 – Clarinet
  • Meredith Mack ’26 – Flute
  • Daniel Kuhlman ’27 – Clarinet
  • Grant Falk ’26 – Trumpet (not pictured)

“These students have gone above and beyond,” said Josh Baumgartner, Middle and Upper School Performing Arts Teacher. “They have shown dedication and growth and will represent MICDS well because of their resilience and willingness to step up to the plate. I’m so proud of them!”

Special thanks to the following US Band students who volunteered their time to help make the MS Honor Band auditions a success:

  • Norah Wright ’25
  • Alana Doherty ’24
  • Jacob Daus ’25
  • Carter White ’24
  • Maya Ashley-Martin ’24

What a wonderful weekend of music!