Students Support Casa de Salud’s Día Deportivo

On April 21, a team of 23 MICDS students, faculty members Rene Ashman and Ines Shultz, and parent Nela Navarrine, worked as volunteers at Casa de Salud’s Día Deportivo, a field day for Hispanics in the St. Louis community that was held at the stadium of Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine.

The student team leader was Ankita Kanakadandila ’14, and Director of Community Service Nancy Richardson worked with the MICDS Athletic Department to provide the athletic equipment for the event.

Prior to the event, students worked in their classes to further their Spanish in preparation for their work running the activities during the event. Activities included a water balloon toss, hula-hoop games, a tug-of-war and races. MICDS students also participated in a short race and Zumba dancing with the participants.