Upper School Teacher Presents to Students About Her Summer Sabbatical

This week, Ms. Celeste Prince presented to Upper Schoolers during their assembly about her summer sabbatical in Ghana. The presentation was a part of the “Why I Teach” series put on by Upper School teachers to give students a better idea of who they are and where they come from.

During the presentation, Ms. Prince, an Upper School English teacher, went into detail on how she visited Elmina Castle, known as a major stop on the route of the Atlantic slave trade. In a powerful presentation, she shared about the emotional visit she had; ruminating on the location and the horrific conditions that the victims of the slave trade had endured.

“Some people have artifacts of their ancestors – a piece of jewelry, a diary, maybe a photograph. At Cape Coast in Elmina, where so many lines of the Black Diaspora began and ended in the void of the Atlantic – there is nothing. Nothing left but the buildings. Nothing to point to and claim. Only the sound of the waves,” said Ms. Prince.

Watch the full presentation below: