TEAMS and Robotics Head to National/World Championships

It’s been an eventful season for both the TEAMS (Test of Engineering Aplitude, Mathematics and Science) and Robotics teams at MICDS.

TEAMS recently qualified for the national competition this summer, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. During the regional competition, the students competed against more than 20 other teams, where they worked on three tasks: an essay, test and an engineering challenge. They worked as a team to complete each challenge. With certain minimum accumulated scores, the teams are allowed to move on to nationals based on a minimum accumulated score. We look forward to seeing how they do come summer!

In addition, the co-ed Technoramic Robotics team recently qualified for the FIRST World Championships, which will be held in Houston, Texas April 18-21. The team found out about their qualification while on the way to their Super Regional appearance in Athens, Georgia in early March.

“Many of the students have already shared how great of an experience this season has been to the team and how they are a ‘family.’ This is the most important thing that they can get out of the program,” said Head Robotics Coach Travis Menghini. “It isn’t about winning. It’s about the journey and the experience that will take them further on in life beyond the program itself. Whether it be about engineering, programming, marketing, scouting, teamwork and more, these are all essential skills that these kids are learning and using in their future. It has been very fortunate that we have seen this success this year.”