Tenth Grade Science Students Study Campus Trees

Tenth grade science students were asked to work in groups to create an infographic that illustrates the carbon cycle and how carbon is sequestered – all by studying a single tree per group on MICDS’ campus.

“They started by choosing a tree on campus and calculated how many pounds of carbon are stored in that one tree,” said Laura Bradford, 10th Grade Science Teacher.

The students then compiled data from their chosen tree to complete a variety of calculations that, when coupled with additional research, allowed for them to create an infographic explaining carbon sequestration and its relevance to the global community.

The project also frames the environmental issues we face with increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

“I learned about the extent to which humans are altering the carbon cycle and what we can do to reduce carbon emissions,” said Erica Engelhardt ’23.

“It was really interesting to make the connection between a single tree and how much it can do for the Earth’s atmosphere,” added Henley Danforth ’23.

Some of the students’ infographics will be hung for display in the STEM building. See a few of the infographics below!