10th Graders participate in the Global Issues Museum

Tenth Grade Students Participate in Global Issues Museum

The Class of 2020 dedicated their time this third trimester in the Upper School History Department developing research projects that covered a number of global issues of their own choosing. After completing their research, students evaluated the success of current solutions and developed agendas to resolve these issues. Then, they put together creative posters, board games and websites for display in the Global Issues Museum in McCulloch Library on Wednesday, May 9th. Faculty, staff, and fellow students visited the Museum, learning about a wide range of worldwide challenges that cross borders and reach across nations. Tenth graders had prepared pitches to share their findings about the issues. Next, students will write a research paper to culminate the project.

Part of our Mission is to strive to “be successful and positive contributors to a diverse, global and rapidly changing society.” What a great project for building awareness about such critical issues in hopes of making a positive impact on them and the global challenges of the future!

To view the digital projects from the museum, visit http://micds.libguides.com/museum2018.