Third Grade Art is Filled with Wonder!

R.J. Palacio wrote in the picture book We’re All Wonders, “Billions of people. People of all different colors. People who walk and talk differently. The Earth is big enough for all kinds of people.” Third grade artists took this message to heart and illustrated what makes them wonder by drawing a wonder self-portrait. Each artist also learned how to blend two neighboring colors on the color wheel using watercolor markers. The next challenge encouraged students to think of all the things that make them a wonder or that make them unique and special. Then, they illustrated the words in the background around the portrait. 

Lower School Art Teacher Sarah Garner said, “The Beasley artists shared themselves in unique and special ways and realized that all of our differences make us wonderful. By recognizing, acknowledging, and respecting those differences that also connect us, we are reminded that by always showing kindness, we can see that everyone is a wonder.” 

Ahmed ’30 reflected, “The reason why everyone should see that we’re all wonders is because that is what makes us, us.”

Max ’30 shared, “I made this wonder portrait because I am unique. Even though I am sometimes like other people, I am not always.”

Sir Thomas Browne said, “We carry within us the wonders we seek around us.” Our third graders are equipped to seek that wonder!