The Third Grade's family history museum

Third Graders Host Family History Museum

MICDS 3rd-grade students and parents celebrated their family histories at the annual 3rd Grade Family History Museum on November 16th. A product of the 3rd-grade social studies curriculum, which focuses on the growth of the United States and how people adapt to their surroundings, the Family History Museum project encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of these issues as they research their own family histories.

Third graders welcomed guests and shared their beautiful displays which included photos, family heirlooms, timelines of when their families came to America, and family stories.

“I learned that my great-grandfather served in World War II and got a bronze star for bravery,” said Abby Ferris ’27.

Many students shared that their favorite part of the project was learning stories about relatives they hadn’t heard before.

“I was surprised that there was a Brazilian stamp made in my ancestor’s honor,” said Felipe Ferreira. “My mom’s hair was really really long – down to her legs even!” chimed in Tara Sadasivam ’27.