Third Graders Host Taste the U.S.A.

On March 13, the Third Grade Class of 2022 invited parents, students and faculty to “Taste the U.S.A.,” an event featuring food representing the 50 states that serves as the annual culmination of the third grade’s study of the United States. Visitors enjoyed sampling tasty treats and visiting computer stations set up to view wiki pages created by each student about his or her state. A wiki is a website that is created by a community of users who can add content or offer comments. The third graders’ wiki pages on various states included such items as a map of the state, historical information, tourist information, suggestions on what to pack for a trip to the state, sports, nature and a list of references used to create the page. “Did you know that Google has its headquarters in Oregon?” responded Harrison when asked to share an interesting fact about his state. Harper shared how much she enjoyed studying Florida, a state she visits often during spring break. All of the students especially enjoyed building their own wiki pages and showing them to their parents and visitors.