Third Graders Travel Back in Time at Faust Park

What better way to study the history of Missouri than by visiting a place that feels like you’re stepping into the state during the 1800s? Last week, MICDS third graders took a field trip to Faust Park to experience a simulation of what life was like in the Show Me State centuries ago.

While at Faust Park, students took a tour of the Frederick Bates mansion, where they learned about Missouri statehood. Bates was the second governor of Missouri. They also had a chance to do some chores that kids their age would have done in the 1800s—corn grinding and candle making! “The tour guides from Faust Park, Miss Molly and Mr. Tim, dressed in clothing from the 1800s and transported us back in time,” Third Grade Teacher Miriam Rotskoff said. Then, the classes were fortunate to have wonderful weather as they ate lunch near the peach orchard on the property.
“It was so interesting to see the care that the St. Louis County Parks Department puts into maintaining these historic properties so that students can gain first-hand background knowledge of units they study in school,” added Rotskoff.


What a fabulous place to explore and have hands-on experience of what life was like as a third grader in the 1800s!