AP Psych Students talk with the lower schoolers

Upper School AP Psych Students Learn from Lower Schoolers

Lower Schoolers have a thing or two to teach Upper School AP Psych students. This week and next, Upper Schoolers visited or will visit Beasley so they can see developmental psychology constructs “in action.” Meanwhile, Beasley students have a chance to share what they’re learning about the subject of mindfulness with the “bigger kids.” After the Beasley students’ teaching time, they pair with Upper School students for one-on-one interviews.

“It’s satisfying to see students creatively explore human development—domains of social, moral, physical, cognitive development,” said Math and Psychology Teacher Aaron Proctor who teaches several sections of AP Psychology, while Diane Gioia teaches the other sections.

The cross-divisional time has become a yearly tradition, and this year it expanded to several more Beasley classes, including 4th grade art.

“They get to choose and develop their own project with the little ones, and just the pure joy and happiness I see in the actual interactions, from both sets of kids, is inspiring,” said Proctor.