Upper School Architecture Students present their chosen buildings to be studied and drawn

Upper School Architecture Students Play Teacher for the Day

Students in Mr. Huber’s Architecture class got the opportunity to play teacher for the day and present a piece of what they learned during the year to their classmates.

During the first two trimesters, students spent two days each cycle studying architectural history. On those days, Mr. Huber would draw buildings on the white board, and students would copy those drawings into their sketchbooks.

Once the third trimester rolled around, it was time for the students to take the wheel. Each student researched work by an important 20th century architect and drew that piece on the whiteboard, while their fellow students copied the designs into their sketchbooks.

The designs drawn by these future architects included Louis Kahn’s Esherick House (1961) and Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal at JFK Airport (1962), among others.