No Late Start for MS and US - Wednesday, February 1

In view of the lost instructional day Monday, the Middle and Upper Schools will run block schedules through the end of the week (C, D, E, and F rotations). This calendar change means that, except in the Lower School, we will NOT run a late-start Wednesday schedule on February 1. Lower School will still have a late start. Middle and Upper School classes will begin promptly at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, February 1.

Rising Stars in the Upper School Debate Club

Thirteen Upper School Debate Club students competed in the Ladue Novice and Clayton Speech and Debate Invitational. This is considered one of the most competitive speech and debate competitions in the state. There were 25 schools and over 700 students that competed in different speech and debate competitions.

MICDS carried 3 Lincoln – Douglas debaters. We had one team that competed in Varsity Public Forum Debate. We entered four teams with two participants each who competed in Novice Public Forum Debate. With a young team that includes nine underclassmen, MICDS students competed well in several close debates and ended competitively winning 8 rounds and losing 17 rounds.

Debate Team Coach and history teacher Andy Cox says, “This young team is learning, working hard and spending hours researching current issues. If these students stick with it, they will excel competitively their junior and senior years. They are solid students with great character, and I could not be prouder.”

The thirteen Upper School Debate Team student competitors are:
Jonah Zacks `20
Grihith Varaday `20
Benjamin Hollander-Bodie `20
Alex Migula `20
Ananya Radhakrishnan `21
Sam Baumohl `22
Nina Hamilton `22
Shelly Bahgat `22
Emma Scally `22
Andrew Kuznetsov `22
Nish Divechsa `22
Sam Lustergarten `22
Frank Ragone `22