Upper School Marketing Club Launches

This Spring, over 40 students signed up for the first ever MICDS Upper School Marketing Club. Students expressed interest in telling the MICDS story through photography, videos, social media, graphic design, and writing. Some are thinking about pursuing a marketing, journalism, graphic design, or communications degree in college. The MICDS Marketing and Communications team will be supporting these students, and we are enthusiastic about the projects and ideas that will come out of this talented group!

We held our first meeting during activities period this week, and already the discussion is flowing on student-driven social media campaigns, website improvements, video projects, magazine articles and blog posts. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

We also plan to welcome and engage speakers from the professional fields of marketing, communications, journalism, graphic design, videography, branding, etc so the students can learn from their experiences too.

Thank you to the MICDS Marketing Committee of the Board of Trustees for initiating this great idea.